Fiction and Poetry

(For book-length publications, please see the Books section.)

“The Weight of a Death” (Catapult Community, 2017)

“Knowledge: a poem for Father’s Day” (Persephone Magazine, 2013)

“Rust” — Listerature, Vol. 2 (Little Fiction, 2013)

Audio version of “Your Wrists are Small”, my flash fiction piece read by Xe Sands (Soundcloud, 2012)

We Remain,” poem (RiverLit 8, 2012)

Your Wrists are Small” — Little (flash) Fiction (Little Fiction, 2012)

Before I Come” — Listerature, Vol. 1 (Little Fiction, 2012)

The Place I Come From,” short story (Used Furniture Review, 2011)

“Mister” and “Little Infidelities,” prose poems (RiverLit 1, 2011)

“The Place I Come From” [Version 1] NEST, a limited edition zine (RiverSpeak, 2010)

“New Year’s Eve, 1992” — Kinetic, a limited edition zine (RiverSpeak, 2010)

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